A Look Back At 2017

I meant to post this yesterday, but it looked like we might get some great light in Death Valley so my buddy Eric and I spent New Year’s Eve driving like maniacs down to Cottonball Basin to catch the sunset.  After a year of crazy trips and long hours driving though the Southwest, the Pacific […]

Autumn In The Alps, 2017

On October 12, 2017, I set off on a trip that I had been planning for over two years.  Back in 2015, some of my photography buddies and I had just come back from an amazing Fall trip to the Canadian rockies and the obvious question was…

A Look Back At 2016

This is the third year that I’ve put together a video to look back over my shots from the entire year. Included in this video are any shots that I posted either here on my blog or on my other social media sites. This year, Instead of posting them in chronological order I posted them from […]